Shareholder Mike Savona To Address The 2010 Convention Of PA State Tax Collectors

Mr. Savona will address the most recent developments in the Telly v. Pennridge School District, 2142 C.D. 2009 currently on appeal with the state Supreme Court. Mr. Savona is representing the Central Bucks tax collectors in their ongoing battle with the school district over tax collection rates.

In 2009, Pennridge School Board resolved to drop its rate of compensation for the district's tax collectors from $2.25 per bill to 70 cents per bill, which it said would save the district an estimated $40,000 per year. Central Bucks School District voted to cut its tax collectors compensation from $3.50 to 72 cents per bill.

The tax collectors of the municipalities serving the districts collectively filed a civil suit against the districts. Initially, the court of common pleas sided with the tax collectors; however, the appeals court sided with the school districts. Recently, attorneys for the tax collectors filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania requesting it hears the case.