R. Nemeroff Secures $800,000 Settlement On Behalf Of Injured Truck-Trailer Operator

FSA shareholder, Robert H. Nemeroff successfully secured $800,000 settlement for a 50-year-old independent tractor-trailer operator. The tractor-trailer operator was making a delivery at the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia. While on foot next to his truck, walking back to his cab, another tractor-trailer operator drove into the lot, did not see the client and ran over the client with the rear wheels of the trailer.

The client sustained multiple injuries, the most significant of which was a right shoulder injury, which left him permanently unable to raise his arm above shoulder level or reach behind his back.

The permanent nature of the injury was ascertained after an unsuccessful operation to release the scar tissue in his shoulder. The injury prevents him from ever returning to work as a truck driver. The case was settled during the discovery phase of the case for the sum of $800,000.