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Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents

Every day, people in Pennsylvania fall prey to conditions that cause them to slip, fall and injure themselves. These injuries often range from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones, severe trauma and in some cases, death. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur anywhere the conditions are right. Common places for them to happen are grocery stores, medical facilities, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels and workplaces. People should make themselves aware of the common factors that lead to slip-and-fall accidents so they can avoid them.

Americans unsure about autonomous vehicles

Pennsylvania residents shopping for new cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles likely find themselves being presented with features that essentially hand over control of vehicles to the vehicles themselves. Designed to improve safety, self-driving or autonomous driving technology is continuing to advance and make its way to market but just how much safer this may make the roads is yet to be seen.

Truckers win dispute over restart period

Pennsylvania residents who are concerned about the safety of sharing the road with semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles should learn how the federal government has been working to keep them safe. In 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established new guidelines designed to reduce fatigue among truckers. Two elements of these guidelines generated a lot of controversy and were recently eliminated permanently from the rule.

Drunk driver kills firefighter en route to fire

Pennsylvania residents who need to rely on emergency responders should be able to know that these important helpers can get to those who need help safely. Sadly, even those people who put others first can be at risk of being injured due to the actions of other negligent drivers. 

Avoid driving when you are drowsy

It happens all too often. A driver is cruising down the road, completely confident about making it the last 30 miles to his destination before taking a break. Suddenly, he is waking up to the car spinning or hitting something and causing an accident. In the best situations, a harsh lesson is learned and all parties walk away uninjured, but the scary fact is that too often drowsy driving results in fatal accidents that affect the lives of others on the road. To avoid serious injury and fatal accidents, all drivers must do their part to combat drowsy driving and stay awake behind the wheel, and the following tips can save lives.

The focus four on construction sites

Do you work in the construction industry in Pennsylvania? Perhaps you have a family member or a friend who is employed as a construction worker. Either way, you will know the level of danger that is faced on construction job sites. Despite the inherent danger involved in this line of work, employers are bound by certain laws to follow protocols designed to keep workers safe while on the job. Providing training on safety topics is part of the employer responsibility as well as enforcing proper adherence to safety regulations.

Types of surgical errors

Have you been told by a physician in Pennsylvania that you will need to undergo surgery? If so, it is important for you to learn as much as you can about your procedure. This includes any pre-operative and post-operative actions you should take as well as the anticipated outcome and recovery process steps. In addition, you and your loved ones should become educated about potential problems as errors can and do happen in operating rooms.

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