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Auto liability insurance requirements in Pennsylvania

For some time now it has been legally mandated that all people operating motor vehicles in Pennsylvania carry valid automobile insurance. While this is not a new law, there still remain some people who drive without current auto insurance. This reality exposes many innocent people to a great level of risk unfair to them. Just what is mandated for auto insurance in Pennsylvania?

State police say 314 drunk drivers arrested Christmas weekend

Pennsylvania residents should be able to enjoy holiday times without worry of senseless accidents. Sadly, that is not always possible because too many drivers continue to make poor decisions that put themselves and others at risk. From drunk drivers to distracted drivers and more, there remains a constrant threat to motorists and passengers alike on Pennsylvania roads.

How many fatalities occur in large truck accidents?

Anyone in Pennsylvania who has ever been next to a semi truck or other big commercial vehicle on a freeway knows how uneasy this can feel. In a moment, the extremely large size and heavy weight of a tractor trailer becomes very evident in comparison to that of a typical car, truck or sport utility vehicle. If you have ever in those moments wondered just how many people die in accidents involving large trucks, records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have the answer for you.

Distracted driving focus of new law in Pennsylvania

As Pennsylvania residents everyone ready themselves for the fast-approaching holiday season, plans for celebrations abound. Many are also concerned about the potential increased danger this may bring due to people who drink at parties and then drive home. While certainly drunk driving is a serious problem in the state and around the nation, there is another problem that people should be equally aware of - distracted driving.

How many drunk driving fatalities occur in Pennsylvania?

As Thanksgiving draws nearer, Pennsylvania residents everywhere are getting excited about the holiday season. The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day are among the most celebrated all year across the country. While this can be a positive thing it can also bring about new risks that you and your family should be aware of. One of the biggest risks is that posed to you by drunk drivers.

How to avoid bicycle accidents

Car crashes can be extremely dangerous, but collisions between cars and bicycles are often even more fatal. Just like in car-on-car accidents, fault is a very important factor in determining how damages are compensated. Fault is determined in very similar ways for different types of accidents, but these are some steps you can take to avoid causing or being assigned fault for accidents while cycling.

Discussing distracted driving and Pennsylvania's laws

In the last month, we've written a couple of posts that focus on teenage drivers -- who are more prone to being distracted behind the wheel -- and self-driving cars. The slant is this: technology and driving are becoming intertwined. In some ways, this is a good thing. In other ways, this is a dangerous development. No driver should have their cellphone out while they are operating a powerful vehicle, nor should a driver be looking at a GPS device or a video screen or fiddling with the radio.

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