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Building facade accident leaves two men hurt

Pennsylvania residents who work in the construction industry can be in dangerous situations at any time regardless of the type of construction work they may be involved with. From roofing to cement mixing to demolition and more, there are unique risks associated with every step of the building process. Two men who were working on a construction job site in Millvale know this all too well after they were injured in an accident together. 

Severe injury data for workplace accidents in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents know that they can be injured when on the job no matter what line of work they pursue. That said, it is a known fact that some industries and job functions do carry with them a higher-than-average rate of accident or risk of accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration tracks and reports a variety of workplace accident statistics and this information can give interesting insight into the types of incidents that happen when and where.

Fatal construction worker incident statistics

If you or someone in your family or circle of friends works in the construction industry in Pennsylvania, it may be important for you to have a clear understanding of just how dangerous this line of work can be. Even with very clear laws set forth governing training and safety procedures on job worksites, accidents still can and do happen. Sadly, many of these accidents leave workers with lifelong injuries. Other incidents may result in death.

Man injured after falling 40 feet at construction job

Pennsylvania residents who work on construction job sites know that there are many risks around them at any given time. At the same time, there are also a myriad of safety procedures that their employers are supposed to ensure are followed in order to keep workers safe. Failure to abide by these processes or ensure that equipment is in working order can leave employees at risk of injury unnecessarily.

What are some of OSHA's rules for ladder use at work?

Does your job require you to use a ladder in the normal course of your daily duties? If so, you are not alone. For many people in Pennsylvania the use of a ladder is integral to the nature of their work. If you are in this category, you will want to know that the Occupational Safety Health Administration outlines clear guidelines for the safe use of these pieces of equipment. Even for those workers who only need to use a ladder now and then, such knowledge can be helpful.

The focus four on construction sites

Do you work in the construction industry in Pennsylvania? Perhaps you have a family member or a friend who is employed as a construction worker. Either way, you will know the level of danger that is faced on construction job sites. Despite the inherent danger involved in this line of work, employers are bound by certain laws to follow protocols designed to keep workers safe while on the job. Providing training on safety topics is part of the employer responsibility as well as enforcing proper adherence to safety regulations.

40 percent of construction worker's body burned

Construction workers in Pennsylvania are frequently required to work with and around dangerous materials. Safety regulations and practices should be followed and enforced by employers and onsite managers in order to keep people safe when on the job. Sadly, this does not always happen and all too frequently, construction workers are injured as a result.

Man dies in auger on construction site

Pennsylvania residents know that a workplace accident can happen to anyone regardless of industry or job function. However, there are some lines of work that are naturally more dangerous than others. People who work in the transportation, manufacturing or construction industries, for example, face more serious risks on a daily basis than do people who might work in office situations.

What are the "Fatal Four" in construction worker accidents?

If you or someone you love works in the construction industry in Pennsylvania, you are well aware of the fact that construction is a dangerous line of work. People who are tasked with building and repairing our homes, office structures, roads and more put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis. While there are laws and guidelines that provide important safety reminders and rules, these are sadly not enough to prevent all construction worker accidents or deaths.

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