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Woman dies after giving birth, family sues

There can be many situations in which a medical error may seem obvious to people in Pennsylvania. A brain tumor that ends up being cancerous but was completely missed on a scan or said to be nothing to worry about may be one such example. However, there can also be cases in which an act of alleged malpractice is not quite as black and white. In one case that started late in 2010, this is exactly the situation.

How to spot nursing home abuse

If you have a loved one in a nursing home in Pennsylvania, you may be worried about his or her care. While most nursing homes offer exceptional care to their residents, at Friedman, Schuman, Applebaum and Nemeroff PC, we know there are some that are neglectful. To keep your loved one safe, it helps to learn how to spot nursing home abuse.

Admission of errors needs improvement in health care

Any person in Pennsylvania who may have ever been concerned that a doctor or other health care provider did not properly diagnose or treat a situation or condition knows how important it is that these medical professionals be honest. Medical mistakes can and do happen and while that is a problem unto itself, there is an additional problem that comes in the form of a provider's lack of willingness to admit or disclose such a mistake. Put together, these actions or inactions can create an even bigger problem.

Daughter pursues appeal in malpractice suit

More and more today, Pennsylvania residents are learning that it is important for them to take a proactive approach to their own health care. There are many reasons for this including the fact that medical errors can and do happen. Among the many types of mistakes that can be made are those that involve a missed diagnosis or a wrong diagnosis. Both may lead to the lack of treatment or the administration of the wrong treatment that cannot effectively help the true problem.

Family receives $8 million settlement for birth injury

Expectant mothers in Pennsylvania who seek medical care and treatment when they experience potentially unusual or problematic symptoms during pregnancy should be able to trust that their health care providers will respond promptly and appropriately. When an unborn baby's life is involved, time can be of the essence and make a big difference in the outcome of a situation.

Electronic record systems might increase medical errors

Pennsylvania residents have good reason to be concerned about the safety of their medical care. Even what may seem like a minor mistake on the part of a doctor, nurse or other health care provider may have serious and lifelong consequences for patients. There are many types of medical mistakes and medication errors are one area in which big problems can develop quickly.

Cerebral palsy as a birth injury

Are you or your partner pregnant and expecting a baby in Pennsylvania? Have you had a child and maybe now are wondering why that baby has not met certain developmental milestones? These are just some of the situations in which you should make sure you are educated about some of the types of birth injuries that may occur if proper actions are not taken. Certainly you want to trust that your health care team can take care of moms and babies but the more patients know, the better because errors can and do happen.

Types of surgical errors

Have you been told by a physician in Pennsylvania that you will need to undergo surgery? If so, it is important for you to learn as much as you can about your procedure. This includes any pre-operative and post-operative actions you should take as well as the anticipated outcome and recovery process steps. In addition, you and your loved ones should become educated about potential problems as errors can and do happen in operating rooms.

How and when you may want to get a second opinion

Odds are, you place a lot of trust in your doctor. Such medical professionals are highly educated, and they also undergo significant training before they are permitted to practice medicine. The very nature of the doctor-patient relationship is based largely on trust, but even doctors are prone to the occasional human error. That is why, in a number of circumstances, it may make sense to seek a second medical opinion. You may find it beneficial to seek an opinion separate from your primary doctor if he or she:

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