Are bicycle accidents covered under insurance?


Regardless of where you live in Pennsylvania, whether it is in an urban, suburban, or rural area, bicycling offers an accessible form of transportation for everyone. However, as a cyclist, you are in a uniquely vulnerable position that makes you susceptible to all sorts of hazardous conditions. Because of this, if you have had the misfortune of being involved in a bicycle accident, you may wonder whether your insurance will cover the cost of the damages you’ve sustained. Continue reading and contact the personal injury attorneys at Friedman Schuman to learn more about whether bicycle accidents are covered by insurance and how our legal team can help you through the process.

What types of bicycle accidents are covered under insurance?

Whether your injuries will be covered under insurance depends largely on the circumstances surrounding your accident. For example, if you were hit by a vehicle while riding your bicycle, the driver’s auto insurance will likely cover your medical expenses. In this scenario, you may also file a personal injury claim against the driver. Even if you were partially at fault for the incident, you can still be owed compensation, although at a reduced amount relative to who is most at fault for the collision.

When it comes to cases involving pedestrians, if they were at fault for the accident, your injuries may be covered by their personal liability coverage on their homeowners or renters insurance. If the pedestrian was also injured from the accident, their own health insurance should cover their medical bills. These circumstances also apply to accidents between you and another cyclist.

What steps should I take after a bicycle accident?

Regardless of the type of bicycle accident you were involved in, always make sure to take pictures of the aftermath. Collecting as much evidence at the scene as possible will work to your benefit if you wish to file a claim later on. If another party was involved, do not forget to get their insurance and contact information. Also, make sure to file a police report to get the incident on record.

Getting medical treatment immediately after the collision is essential. Despite how minor your injuries may seem, having medical records on file will only provide more evidence for your potential claim. Depending on the situation, once you file a claim with either your or the negligible party’s insurance provider, contact a personal injury attorney to help guide you through the nuances of your case.

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