In a world rife with continued uncertainty and economic turmoil, the IRS has reminded those receiving government benefits with dependents that they may be entitled to additional $500 payments per qualifying child if they apply by today, May 5, 2020. All they need to do– is ask.

Individuals receiving Social Security retirement, survivor or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Veterans Affairs benefits, with dependent children under the age of 17, who haven’t filed tax returns in the past two years are entitled to receive an additional $500, per dependent child, as part of their Economic impact payments. Termed the “Plus $500 Push,” those with qualifying children are eligible to receive an additional $500, per eligible child, in addition to their $1,200 payment.

According to the IRS, those receiving government benefits will have their $1,200 issued “soon,” but are at risk of missing out on any additional payments they may be entitled to for their dependents if the IRS is not on notice of those qualifying beneficiaries before those payments are issued. If those dependency payments are not made during the initial $1,200 payment, recipients will have to wait until their 2020 tax return is filed.

Those who are eligible should immediately use the “Non-filler” tool on to ensure that they receive the $500 dependency payments before it’s too late.

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