Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents

Every day, people in Pennsylvania fall prey to conditions that cause them to slip, fall and injure themselves. These injuries often range from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones, severe trauma and in some cases, death. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur anywhere the conditions are right. Common places for them to happen are grocery stores, medical facilities, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, and workplaces. People should make themselves aware of the common factors that lead to slip-and-fall accidents so they can avoid them.

Damaged sidewalks

Sidewalks are considered by many as public domain. But property owners are often responsible for the condition of the sidewalks that surround their properties. Residential and commercial owners should monitor their sidewalks for signs of damage that could lead to slips, falls and injuries. They should place caution signs around dangerous areas and make arrangements for repairs.

Walkway obstructions

Objects left in walkways can become a source of accidents for many people. Some objects are not easily noticeable, and others are hard to maneuver safely around. Common sources of pathway obstructions include electrical cords, office furniture, files, debris, merchandise, and supplies.

Wet and slippery surfaces

Spills and slippery surfaces are often caused by accident. When they occur, property owners and people who are representing their interests should take measures to warn the public about them. Sometimes workers clean spills up without allowing the surfaces to dry completely before removing the caution signs. Placing signs and caution tape around the hazardous areas can help people to avoid them. Other causes of slippery floors include freshly waxed and mopped floors and snow and ice.

Insufficient lighting

Areas of buildings that do not have adequate lighting are extremely hazardous. There is not enough visibility for people to see and avoid obstacles and hazards that are in their way. Poor or low lighting can increase the chances of people slipping and falling over.

Carpets and rugs

Poorly maintained carpets and rugs can lead to fall injuries. Carpets and rugs that are not properly secured in place or are buckled can cause people to trip and fall. Carpeting in stairways can lead to more severe injuries because it can cause victims to fall from higher surfaces to lower ones.

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