Economic and non-economic damages in Pennsylvania

If you were injured as a result of another’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Read on and reach out to our firm today to learn more about possible recoverable damages and how our skilled personal injury attorneys can best help you.

What are economic damages?

Individuals who have been injured as a result of another’s negligence are often faced with a serious financial burden because of their injuries and the accident. In a successful personal injury lawsuit, the injured party may be able to recover economic damages that can include the following:

  • the cost of medical bills and rehabilitation
  • lost wages as a result of time out of work
  • other financial losses as a result of the accident

What are non-economic damages?

In addition to financial losses that an individual may suffer in an accident, they may also recover compensation for damages that are not financial in nature. These may include the following:

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • the inability to conduct daily activities as they could prior to the accident

If you have been hurt in an accident, reach out to our firm today to discuss the details of your case.

What types of accidents warrant damages?

There are a number of kinds of accidents that may merit financial compensation. Some of them include, and are not limited to the following:

  • Car Accidents: If you have been injured in a car accident due to no fault of your own, there is a very good chance that you will have a valid personal injury claim.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: It is unfortunate that motorcyclists have very little protection from other motorists, and though wearing a helmet may save someone’s life, oftentimes, motorcyclists will endure the brunt of any auto accident. Our firm is here to support all those who have wrongly sustained injuries in motorcycle accidents.
  • Truck Accidents: Truckers are expected to meet strict deadlines and drive long hours into the night, which often results in serious fatigue. Driving while fatigued is among the most common causes of auto accidents. Our firm is proud to help all those who have faced the consequences of truck driver negligence.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians have next to no protection from their surroundings, and if you have been struck by a negligent driver as a pedestrian, our firm can help you file a personal injury claim.
  • Snow/Ice Injuries: Property owners are lawfully bound to ensure that their premises are clear of snow and ice after a certain amount of time, and if you were injured in a slip and fall due to a property owner failing to remove snow or ice, you may be entitled to financial compensation.


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