What should I expect on closing day?

When a person or a couple makes the decision to purchase a home in Pennsylvania, it often marks a new and exciting chapter in their life. After the buyer’s offer is accepted by the seller, the sale will be pending but it is not officially complete until closing day. Closing day is the most exciting day of the entire home-buying process because it is the day in which the buyer becomes the owner of the home. Before closing day, it is important to know what to expect because after all, real estate transactions are some of the biggest purchases one will ever make.

On closing day, be prepared to sign a lot of documents. If the co-buyer, such as a spouse, cannot be at the closing, make sure to have a special power of attorney prepared that allows one individual to sign on behalf of both parties. Keep in mind, this means twice the signatures. The real estate attorney conducting the closing should explain to the individual what each document they are signing means.

In many cases, the seller does not need to be at the closing because they can sign the documents before and send them or drop them off at the attorney’s office prior to closing.

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