How can snow cause a lawsuit?

Certain areas must follow procedures to ensure a safe premises. When these areas do not do so, they may leave hazards out that can harm individuals. As individuals enter the premises and pass through, they may come across a hazard and get into an accident as a result of it. If ice or snow is the hazard that is present, it can be considered a premises liability case. The owner of the property has a responsibility to remove the hazard within a reasonable amount of time. If they should have known or reasonably known about the present hazard, they should have take the precautions to remove the hazard so that it may not cause harm to anyone that could come into contact with it.

However, snow and ice sometimes have a period of time that the owner must remove it by. If the pedestrian takes the chance and travels on the premises during this time when it is still reasonable to have the hazard present, then they may not be able to pursue the opportunity to file a lawsuit. Snow and ice need a reasonable amount of time for someone to remove it. Individuals have the choice to refrain from walking in the area until the snow is removed.

How is this a premises liability case?

Snow and ice can be seen as a hazard to those that are traveling in a specific area. They may be harmed as a result of it. This can lead to a premises liability case. However, the specific time restraints of removing snow and ice must be examined to see if the property owner was in the wrong or if they had more time for removal. Since this case involves the presence of a hazard that a property owner is responsible for, it can be considered a premises liability case.

Other cases have been shown to include inadequate security or other hazards present. Inadequate security can deter individuals from a good sense of their surroundings or show a lacking security system that is needed to protect pedestrians. Filing a lawsuit against the property owner may entitle injured individuals to receive compensation for their injuries.

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