How can witnesses help establish fault in a car accident in Pennsylvania?

police officer taking witness statement

When you’re the victim of a car accident, ensuring you take the necessary steps to gather evidence to help solidify your case is crucial to protecting yourself. One of the most valuable factors in determining the liability of a car accident is witness statements, as they can make or break your case. If you were recently involved in a car accident, you might not understand how witnesses can influence the outcome. Keep reading to learn more and discover how motor vehicle accident attorneys can help you get the justice you’re entitled to.

How do witnesses affect the outcome?

Witnesses are an essential tool when determining the outcome of car accident cases. In most cases, they offer an unbiased and impartial view of how the accident occurred. Witnesses include pedestrians, other drivers, or others in the area who saw the collision firsthand.

Generally, witness testimony in these cases is vital as many car accidents are a “he said, she said” situation. When both drivers have conflicting stories, it can be challenging to determine who influenced the outcome. However, witnesses can help verify that the other driver was engaging in a reckless or dangerous activity, subsequently causing the accident.

What can influence witness credibility?

Unfortunately, not all witnesses are credible sources of information. There are a number of factors that can influence whether or not the court will consider witness testimony.

If a witness is personally connected to the accident, their account of the accident may be called into consideration because they have a biased view of the collision. For example, if the person who caused the accident had a passenger in their car, their passenger may try to pin the accident on you. However, an unbiased person walking down the street can help prove that it was not your fault, as they have a neutral perspective.

Similarly, if a witness only saw a portion of the accident or cannot keep their story consistent, they may be deemed unreliable. This is because they did not see the full events play out, meaning they could’ve missed a crucial event showing who was at fault.

Can a lawyer help?

If injured in a car accident, ensuring you contact a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible is essential. An attorney can help review witness testimony to determine whether or not a person is credible. This helps ensure you have the best possible outcome for your case. Similarly, if the defense presents a witness, your lawyer can cross-examine their statement to disprove their credibility.

When hurt in a car collision due to another person’s negligence, you don’t have to suffer in silence. The statute of limitations for car accident cases in Pennsylvania is two years, so you shouldn’t wait to reach out to Friedman Schuman. Our firm understands that car accidents can change your life, and our dedicated attorneys will do everything in our power to get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case.

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