Injuries sustained in a slip-and-fall

If you have been involved in a slip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania, you could be suffering from a number of different injuries. While it can be easy for some people to dismiss the pain they are experiencing, it could be signs of a serious problem and require medical treatment. We at Friedman Schuman can work to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve in any type of accident.

According to, one of the most common injuries sustained in a slip-and-fall is a sprain. These can be minor and treated with light rest or serious and require specialized help from a foot doctor. Sometimes, the ligaments in the foot are torn or otherwise damaged and can lead to even worse problems. In some cases, these injuries can require surgery to fix.

Fractures can also occur when you fall. In some cases, the break can be bad enough that you will not be able to use the injured leg or arm anymore. Other fractures are not as noticeable but can cause dull pain. If left untreated, even minor fractures can cause additional problems and become more painful over time.

The skin and muscles can also be damaged in a fall. Sometimes, you can be cut on sharp furniture or rocks and have a laceration that requires stitches. If left untreated, some wounds can develop an infection. Bruises are also common injuries in slip-and-falls. Swelling can occur as a result of the bruise and compress blood vessels and nerves.

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