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In Montgomery County, Friedman Schuman is a law firm that can help you with all your real estate needs. We aim to provide legal support to clients throughout the county. When dealing with real estate transactions, they consist of large amounts of money. When clients have large amounts of money on the line, they want to make sure the process goes smoothly and that their hard-earned money is in good hands. Our firm can help. We have experience handling issues with easements, tenants, tax assessment, commercial leasing and buying properties. With decades of experience, Friedman Schuman can guide you through the process to ensure your satisfaction. If litigation is necessary, we are ready to fight. If you are in Ft. Washington, contact Friedman Schuman for a consultation for your legal needs and we will be sure to provide you with all answers possible.

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Our experience has given us the skills needed to represent PA clients in Ft. Washington for all their real estate matters. With each client comes a new case that we tailor to specifically for the best approach that proves to be effective. We work to protect our clients to ensure their needs are met. At Friedman Schuman, we guarantee effective legal counsel with real estate matters involving:

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Our firm prides itself on our attorneys that work hard on every case to ensure client satisfaction. They are known for their effectiveness and have created an outstanding reputation for Friedman Schuman. To best be represented with your legal matters, contact our firm today for a consultation. We are ready to serve you.