Traumatic Brain Injuries in Pennsylvania

Accidents caused by the negligence of another party can be devastating for the victim. These accidents are even more devastating and difficult to handle when the victim is diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Often, traumatic brain injuries are caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, sporting accidents, assault, and more. These injuries are not only life-changing from day to day, they also take a significant financial burden on the individual. In fact, the victim of a traumatic brain injury may pay between $85,000 and $3 million over a lifetime for medical expenses. Of course, this is very expensive and very few people have the financial means to pay for such costs. When the accident is caused by a negligent party, the victim may want to seek damages that can help cover some of the burdens that are both financial and nonfinancial in nature.

Damages for a TBI

Financial damages can include the following:

  • All hospitalization, surgeries, scans, tests, and medication required by the injury
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Hiring a home aide
  • Medical equipment and devices as well as the modifications that must be made to the home and car to accommodate such equipment
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity

Non-financial damages can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of independence
  • Emotional trauma associated with the accident

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