What are Common Issues with a Final Walk-Through When Buying a House?

One of the last steps of buying a house is doing a final walk-through. This is a final inspection of a home before signing the documents to make the sale official. While this can seem simple, it is an important part of the buying process that should not be taken lightly. This is because there are different issues that may arise that can delay or disrupt a deal. 

The Home is Not Empty

Sometimes, a homeowner may leave behind certain items with the buyer’s agreement. It is important to make sure nothing is left behind in a home, otherwise, it can create a problem during the final walk-through.

The Home is Not Clean

When a house is being sold, it is important that it is swept, vacuumed, and cleaned prior to the final walk-through. As a buyer, you should be realistic and not expect a spotless house. However, it should be in good and clean condition. It can disrupt a walk-through of the house if there are piles of dirt, the bathroom is dirty, or counters are not wiped down.

Negotiations Are Not Met

During initial walk-throughs, buyers and sellers may agree upon certain negotiations regarding the house. This may include repairs. It can be beneficial to ask the seller’s agent for proof of completed repairs before the final walk-through to avoid this issue.

Included Personal Property is Missing

Sometimes, negotiations made be made regarding personal property. This is property that is not attached to the home, including any appliances. Personal property may be missing from the walk-through if the seller forgot about the agreement or changed their mind at the last minute.

Appliances Aren’t Working

In addition to this, it is important to test any included appliances during the walk-through. If an appliance is not working, it can cause a problem. This can include HVAC systems, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. To avoid this, sellers should check all appliances and systems before the final walk-through.

Deferred Landscaping Maintenance

In contracts, people often agree to certain landscaping maintenance. If this is deferred upon the final walk-through, it is unfair to the buyer. Weeds should be waxed, trees and shrubs should be trimmed, and the exterior of the house should be washed.

The Utilities are Shut Off

In most contracts, the seller is required to have the utilities on during the final walk-through. If they are not, the buyer cannot test important things such as HVAC systems and home appliances. It can take days to turn utilities back on, which is why it is important that this is done before the walk-through.

The Home is Damaged

It seems obvious that a home should be in good condition before it is bought. However, sometimes moving companies or home sellers do not move out of a home with care, possibly causing damage to the home. To avoid this, sellers should do their own walk through the house after they move out to ensure that no damage was done. If there is damage, it should be fixed before their buyer’s final walk-through.

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