What are the common causes of tractor-trailer accidents in PA?

tractor trailer on road

Despite the important role tractor-trailers play in transporting goods across the continental United States, they can be intimidating to travel alongside due to their size. Unfortunately, the hesitancy many people feel driving next to these vehicles is not unwarranted, as you may find that tractor-trailer accidents can result in catastrophic injuries for those injured. If you were injured in one of these collisions due to no fault of your own, understanding what you can do to recover the compensation you deserve is critical. The following blog explores the most common causes of these collisions and how truck accident attorneys can aid you during these challenging times.

How do tractor-trailer accidents happen?

Unfortunately, there are several reasons that a truck may be involved in an accident. Generally, the most common cause revolves around driver error. If the driver is distracted, disregarding the speed limit, breaking laws, driving under the influence, or fails to adhere to important signage, they may cause an accident as a result.

The next most common cause of these accidents is mechanical errors. Trucks require a considerable amount of maintenance to ensure they can withstand the amount of miles they must travel each year. As such, regular maintenance and repairs are necessary. If the logistics company does not mitigate these issues or ensure vehicles are regularly inspected for problems, it can cause catastrophic injuries to those involved in these collisions.

Finally, you may find that truck accidents can happen because of driver fatigue. Unfortunately, many logistic companies try to evade the Hours of Service regulations determined by the Department of Transportation by making their drivers lie about how many hours they have traveled. When a driver is exhausted, they can make poor decisions, have slower reaction speeds, and fall asleep behind the wheel. However, they may feel pressured to lie about how long they have been driving consecutively because they don’t want to be fired.

Who can be held liable for the injuries?

Determining liability for accidents involving tractor-trailers can be incredibly complex due to the factors involved. In general, however, you’ll find that the driver and their employer can face liability for their negligence. If a driver was under the influence, did not complete their pre-trip checklist, or otherwise acted negligently, both parties can face liability. This is because their employer can ultimately face liability for their negligence.

Additionally, the logistics company may face liability if they force drivers to manipulate their hour of service log or do not perform necessary maintenance on the vehicle to ensure it is safe to travel.

In certain circumstances, a mechanic who performed work on the vehicle may face liability if their errors lead to the accident. Additionally, if the truck was not manufactured or assembled correctly, the manufacturer may face liability.

As you can see, many considerations must be taken into account if you’ve sustained injuries. Because of the complexity of these matters, it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced personal injury attorney from Friedman Schuman. Our team can represent you to help you fight for the compensation you are entitled to due to the injuries you’ve endured. Connect with us today to learn more.

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