Why Do I Need an Attorney to Draft My Will?

Over the years as times have changed, the way people wish to do things has changed as well. This can include writing a will. As technology and access to information evolves, people sometimes want to create their will on their own. However, this part of a person’s life may be better left to a professional. Planning the future of your cherished assets is important and it is a process that should be taken care of thoroughly. This can be done with the assistance of an experienced attorney who is familiar with the process and can ensure you are creating a will that is right for you.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Write My Will?

Technically, a person does not require a lawyer to write their will with them. There are many different resources online that can assist a person in writing their own will. This can include blogs, videos, and kits that walk people through the process. However, it is good practice to hire one anyway. While writing your own will may be simple for a person with a basic estate plan, there are many legal pitfalls that can be encountered by not doing so with the help of an attorney. 

A will is a legal, binding document. This can be very complicated to write, as it is important to be careful and precise with the language you are using. Even if you believe the document is crystal clear, it is possible for what you mean and what is written to be misconstrued and interpreted as something different in legal context. Simply put, it is best to pay a small fee to allow yourself and your loved ones the peace of mind in knowing that your will is in the best shape upon before your passing. 

What Goes Into an Estate Plan?

An estate plan allows a person to plan for what will happen to their assets when their life is over. This process requires a great deal of documentation and time. It allows you to create a will and/or trust as well as appoint power of attorneys, executors, guardians, and much more. The information within an estate plan and is extremely important, as it deals with sensitive matters in people’s lives. It is because of this that it should be handled with care. An experienced attorney can ensure this is done properly with the utmost compassion.

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