How does poor street lighting contribute to car accidents?

street lights

Driving at night is something that many teenagers fear, while older adults avoid it when possible. However, it is often inevitable that you must travel at night, so you take the necessary measures to do so safely. Despite using your headlights, if there is a lack of street lighting, it can contribute to accidents. If injured due to a lack of lighting and a negligent driver, you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll discover why adequate lighting is essential and how personal injury attorneys can help you through these challenging times.

Why are street lights important?

Street lights can help reduce accidents in a number of ways. Unfortunately, when there is not adequate lighting, hazards are not as visible. This includes stalled vehicles, debris in the road, and wild animals. Though cars have headlights, they do not illuminate the whole area of the road ahead to make hazards more visible. Similarly, street lighting can help make signs more visible, such as alerting drivers to upcoming blind curves.

In areas where there are no streetlights, it is much less safe for pedestrians and cyclists. Even when they take the necessary steps, such as wearing reflective vests or walking with flashlights, they can still be hard to see when it’s dark. However, when there is streetlighting, it is much easier to see those who are walking or biking.

What should I do if I’m driving and notice poor street lighting?

If you are driving and notice little to no streetlights, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to keep yourself and others safe. The most important thing you can do is to slow down. When you are driving fast, it decreases your reaction time to hazards, making it challenging to stop when you notice something in the road or a pedestrian.

Similarly, many people believe they should turn their high beams on. While this can be a way to improve visibility, the sudden change from a dark road to bright light can blind you and other drivers for a few seconds. It is essential to ensure you are safe and no drivers are approaching when turning your high beams on.

If I was hurt in an area with low lighting, what can I do?

When injured in a location with low lighting, you must take the necessary steps following an accident. The first thing you must do is seek medical attention for the injuries you’ve sustained. This allows you to receive treatment while establishing that you have mitigated damages.

Next, you must contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you may discover that being injured does automatically make the driver responsible for your injuries liable. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to help represent you during a trial or settlement negotiations to ensure you receive the best chance possible at receiving justice.

At Friedman Schuman, our dedicated legal team will work with you to help you navigate the complexities of a legal battle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through this process.

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