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Friedman Schuman is devoted to relieving sources of conflict and stress in the workplace for both employees and employers. Friedman Schuman’s employment lawyers will assist in preparing human resources policies and procedures for employers as well as offering training to employers and even fellow lawyers on employment claim avoidance. Our team at Friedman Schuman will help draft and interpret restrictive covenants and other professional contracts both on behalf of those businesses seeking to secure their assets and for employees looking to make career changes, and enforces and defends these contracts in state and federal courts. Contact a dedicated Pennsylvania employer defense attorney from Friedman Schuman today.

Employer Defense Lawyer | Helping You Decode the Alphabet Soup

There are dozens of local, state and Federal laws that govern the workplace. These various laws extend to various employers based on criteria like the size of the employer, the nature of the employer’s business and where the employer operates. It is challenging to decipher the differences between ADA, ADAAA, OWBPA, FMLA, PHRA, and OSHA. A Pennsylvania employment lawyer from Friedman Schuman can help you decipher the code, untangle the morass of employment laws and help you make sure that you are fully compliant with those laws that govern your workplace.


Responding to a claim of discrimination or another workplace irregularly often requires the employer to take “prompt remedial measures.” Merely delaying in taking such measures can sometimes trigger employer liability. An experienced Friedman Schuman lawyer can investigate the claim, suggest appropriate remedial measures, and take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the possibility of any employer liability.

How We Can Help Your Team

Our team approaches workplace challenges with an experience and understanding of our clients’ businesses and the unique, industry-specific regulatory and competitive pressures they face on a day-to-day basis. We deploy specialized resources to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality service based on years of experience in the field. We work with the human resources directors, CFOs, COOs and or other manpower professionals to ensure that you don’t trigger a claim when you make human resources decisions or take action.

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The employment team at Friedman Schuman, led by Harold Goldner, Esquire has more than 40 years of courtroom and appellate experience to serve you. Our team will work closely with human resources, management professionals, and other employers to implement effective and efficient solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly. Contact us today.

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