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The Legal Way Episode 6 | The Millennial And Gen Z Guide To Estate Planning

In today’s episode, join The Legal Way and Friedman Schuman estate planning attorney, Alex Gusikoff,  explore the often-overlooked topic of estate preparation for millennials and Gen Z. We discuss how these younger generations can kickstart their own estate planning journey while also assisting their parents in creating a solid estate plan.…

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The Legal Way Episode 4 | Leasing Lessons (Part 1): Exploring Lease Provisions For Landlords

In part 1 of a two-part leasing lesson mini-series, join The Legal Way Podcast and Friedman Schuman real estate attorney, Peter Friedman, as we focus on landlord lease provisions, providing a comprehensive overview of key terms and clauses designed to safeguard landlords’ interests, enhance property management, and ensure legal compliance.…

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The Legal Way Episode 3 | Hidden Horrors: Exposing The Truth Of Nursing Home Negligence

In this eye-opening episode, Friedman Schuman medical malpractice attorneys Derek R. Layser and Brett J. Kaminsky delve into the grim realities of nursing home negligence that often go unnoticed. Join us as we shed light on the steps individuals and families can take to recognize and address signs of neglect as well as…

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The Legal Way Episode 2 | A Beginner’s Guide To Creating An Estate Plan

In today’s episode of The Legal Way, we break down the fundamental elements of crafting a comprehensive estate plan with Friedman Schuman estate planning attorney, Alex Gusikoff. From understanding the importance of crafting your estate plan to understanding the different type of documents that can be involved in an estate plan…

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Can Pennsylvania stores and retailers face lability for selling defective products?

Have you or a loved one sustained injuries caused by defective products? If so, this blog explores who can face liability for…

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Can estate planning protect my business following my death in Pennsylvania?

If you want to protect your business upon your passing, understanding the steps you must take to do so is crucial. Read…

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