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Friedman Schuman is an experienced Montgomery County real estate law firm located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. The legal team at Friedman Schuman is honored to provide quality legal guidance to clients in Blue Bell, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and throughout the suburbs of Philadelphia. Our firm understands how much is on the line when making real estate transactions, as they involve a significant amount of money. Clients who are buying residential or commercial property, dealing with a commercial leasing matter, facing an issue with easements, tenants, tax assessment and any other real estate matter should be sure to retain the services of an experienced attorney that can guide you through this complex process. When you need a law firm that has decades of experience handling real estate matters, Friedman Schuman is ready. If litigation is on the table, our firm will fight for your interests. If you are in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and require effective and skilled legal services regarding your real estate matter, contact Friedman Schuman for a consultation.

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Our firm’s decades of experience allow us to most effectively represent clients in Blue Bell, PA throughout all of their real estate matters. Friedman Schuman’s years of service to Pennsylvania provides us the skill and experience necessary so our attorneys can develop an individualized and effective approach to meet the needs of every client. We are committed to protecting clients as they navigate the complex real estate transaction process. Friedman Schuman provides effective legal services for all real estate matters, including ones involving:

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Friedman Schuman celebrates an esteemed reputation as dedicated, honorable, and ardent legal professionals serving clients in Blue Bell and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our real estate attorneys are known for their knowledge, integrity, and effectiveness when faced with the challenges that these legal matters often encompass. If you need quality representation from an esteemed Blue Bell real estate attorney, our firm is here to serve. To schedule a consultation, contact Friedman Schuman today.