Are medical bills paid from personal injury settlements in PA?

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When you are involved in an accident, understanding the compensation you are entitled to is critical. Unfortunately, many are unaware of how these settlements are handled, leaving them frustrated and confused. As such, knowing how and when your medical bills will be paid following a car accident is critical to saving yourself frustration. If you were injured, the following blog explores factors that can impact how your medical bills will be paid. Additionally, you’ll learn why you should connect with motor vehicle accident attorneys to explore your legal options during these challenging times.

Who is responsible for medical bills following an injury?

In the event you’ve suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent party that leaves you with extensive injuries and in need of medical treatment, understanding who is liable for the bills is critical. Unfortunately, medical care can be expensive, and just a few nights in the hospital can be enough for some to fall into debt. As such, you may be worried about being unable to afford the cost of medical care you require following an accident, which is not uncommon.

As such, it’s important to understand when and how medical bills are paid following an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault. This is known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Generally, you’ll find that your car insurance policy will cover up to a certain amount of your bills, depending on your coverage. The minimum medical benefits required by Pennsylvania law for accidents is $5,000 in medical bills, meaning even if you are responsible for the injuries you endured, your auto insurance will cover the first $5,000.

However, if the other person is responsible, you’ll find that you can still file a claim to cover some of your bills upfront, but you may find that your insurance will not cover the full amount of bills. As such, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent party, even in a “no-fault” state like Pennsylvania if your injuries are severe enough.

It’s also important to understand that the kind of insurance you carry can impact your coverage. If you choose a limited tort coverage, you often lose the right to file a lawsuit for non-economic damages against the negligent party. However, if you have full tort coverage, there is no injury threshold you must meet to pursue compensation.

If I need help recovering compensation, what should I do?

As you can see, recovering compensation for a car accident in Pennsylvania will depend heavily on the circumstances of the accident and your insurance coverage. As such, it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced attorney to explore your legal options to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained.

At Friedman Schuman, we understand how confusing these matters can be, especially when trying to heal from an injury you sustained at the hands of a negligent party. That’s why our team is dedicated to fighting for you during these hard times. Connect with us today to learn how we can assist you during these difficult times.

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