Can I sue my employer for unpaid wages in Pennsylvania?

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For many, enjoying the work they do is the main reason they love their job. However, others would likely say that earning a living wage is the driving force behind working. Unfortunately, not all employees receive the wages they are entitled to because of their employer. If your employer is withholding the money you’ve rightfully earned, you may not know how to proceed. However, it is vital not to let your employer get away with theft of the money you’ve earned through hard work. Luckily, a Pennsylvania employee rights lawyer can help you navigate the process of holding an employer responsible for unpaid wages.

Why might an employer withhold wages?

There are a number of ways and reasons that an employer can withhold our wages. Unfortunately, many employers do this as a means of lining their own pockets because they believe their employers will be too afraid of retaliation or termination to pursue justice.

There are many forms of wage theft that employers engage in, so understanding what they look like is essential. One of the most common forms of wage theft is forcing employees to work off the clock. This includes making employees work overtime, through a lunch break, on a day off, or on weekends without pay.

Similarly, many employers will misclassify their employees as independent contractors when they should be considered full-time employees. This is so employers don’t have to comply with paid time off, medical coverage, or the additional benefits full-time workers receive.

Finally, if your employer withholds your pay for any number of reasons, including uniform costs, meals, or lodging, this constitutes wage theft.

Can I file a lawsuit to get my unpaid wages?

If your employer violates your wages, you’ll want to start documenting your wages as soon as possible. This included keeping all pay stubs and hours worked to show the discrepancies. You may also want to speak with the Human Resources department, as they are responsible for resolving pay disputes.

Unfortunately, speaking out against your employer may result in unfair retaliation, which along with the unpaid wages, can cause a significant amount of legal issues for your employer.

If your unpaid wages cannot be internally resolved with the company or your employer terminates or demotes you for asking about the wages you are entitled to, contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible is vital. This is illegal behavior on the part of your employer, so filing a lawsuit can help you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

At Friedman Schuman, our dedicated team will examine the details of your case to help you navigate this complex legal process. We believe you should receive the wages you are entitled to. Contact us today to learn how we will help you fight a greedy employer.

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