In-Person Deed Transfers in Philadelphia Shall Be Suspended Until Further Notice

The new coronavirus has drastically affected us all in the last few weeks and months, both directly and indirectly. Small businesses and large corporations alike took a hit, and the end is still not yet in sight. Unsurprisingly, the real estate business has also been impacted by the virus, and last month, the Philadelphia Department of Records announced that all in-person deed transfers are to be suspended until further notice to stop the spread of COVID-19. Without a solid recording system in place, real estate cannot be transferred, and without having your interest recorded, you cannot get title insurance.

That being said, since it has been determined that document recording operation is an essential service, the Department of Records has announced that its document recording staff shall record and index all e-recorded documents remotely during the closure. Furthermore, in a press release, the Department has stated that they will no longer process in-person or mail recordings during the closure.

As long as you are capable of e-recording your documents, you should register with one of the three e-recording companies authorized to record through Philadelphia’s e-recording system. Those companies are Simplifile, CSC Recording, or Avenu Insights & Analytics.

If you have any additional questions regarding real estate law, please do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable Pennsylvania real estate law attorneys today. We understand that these are unprecedented times, however, as long as we follow the CDC’s orders, maintain social distancing, and use the remote services available to us, we are confident that we will get through this together.

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