Most common reasons for medical malpractice lawsuits

Medical errors occur all the time in Pennsylvania healthcare settings. Because medical care is human-oriented, mistakes happen. However, many of those mistakes are easily avoidable. Looking at the common causes of such issues, it is fairly easy to see that most are caused by human error and a result of someone not paying enough attention. Forbes notes that negligence in health care is the third leading cause of death in the country. That is a fact that requires attention.

Medical malpractice is proven when a medical provider has shown negligence in the care of a patient. It does not have to be intentional, and in many cases, it is not. Accidents occur, but a medical provider is held to a high standard due to the important nature of his or her work, and when he or she makes a mistake, it becomes negligence.

Healthcare IT News outlines the most common reasons people file medical malpractice lawsuits. These reasons include not getting informed consent. Bad patient education relates to this as well and is another leading reason behind claims. Mistakes in medication are also prevalent. Patients may receive the wrong medication, the wrong amount of medication or the medication may not be administered as directed. Documentation errors also lead to medical mistakes. Even with electronic records, recording errors and even technical glitches can lead to such problems.

In some cases, it is the failure of the medical personnel to do something that leads to an issue. Doctors may fail to diagnose a condition.  In some cases, a patient may not get the treatment he or she needs. Medical personnel may also fail to follow safety protocols, which can lead to problems, such as leaving something behind inside a patient after a surgery. Finally, in some cases, a patient may simply have an abnormal case that stumps the medical providers and leads to issues and errors.

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