Should I Use Social Media After an Accident?

If you have been injured in an accident and are seeking to take legal action for your injuries, it is best to stay off of social media for the time being. To learn more about how this can benefit your upcoming claim, continue reading. For assistance with filing your personal injury claim, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Montgomery County, PA personal injury attorneys. Here are some questions you may have:

Should I post on social media after an accident?

Updating your loved ones on social media about how you are doing after an accident may be something you don’t think twice about. However, it is important that you avoid social media following an accident if you are seeking compensation in a personal injury claim. It is best to avoid discussing your injury, accident, or recovery online. You should also refrain from posting photos or videos of yourself, especially doing activities you may partake in after your accident. Finally, you should also warn your friends and family about posting any photos of you online during this time.

What if my social media is private?

You may want to make your profiles private and avoid accepting new friends or followers for the time being. This may help you to feel more secure, however, it is important to understand that private accounts do not protect your information from defense attorneys. Defense attorneys can still access your content, even if your accounts are private. This is true even for private conversations or deleted posts.

What are the benefits of not posting online during a personal injury lawsuit?

There are many reasons to avoid posting online after an accident. For example, if you have sustained a severe knee injury in an accident and you make a post online about taking a walk or otherwise being active, a defense attorney may use this content to question the validity of your claim. Simply retelling the events of your accident or making a statement about your injuries has the potential to hurt your claim. Posting online can easily undermine your credibility in a personal injury claim. Due to this, it is best to avoid social media altogether. It is also important that you do not discuss any information shared between you and your attorney. These conversations must be kept confidential to avoid giving important information to the defense.

If you require any assistance with your upcoming personal injury claim, do not hesitate to contact our Montgomery County, PA personal injury attorneys.


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