Types of medication mistakes

Have you ever had problems reading a prescription you have received from a doctor in Pennsylvania? Have you or someone you know been given the wrong medication or in a way that you are not expecting to receive a drug per your doctor’s instructions? These are just a couple of situations in which you may be understandably concerned about medication errors.

Just what are some of the most common types of mistakes that are made with prescription drugs? According to MedicineNet, one of the biggest or most common mistakes made is giving a patient the actual incorrect medication. Many things may play into how this happens. Poor physician handwriting is one of these problems. Administering the wrong drug to the wrong person may be associated with serious injury or even death to patients.

Other problems include being given the wrong amount of a medication. This might mean being given a dose higher than what is prescribed but it may also mean being given a dose lower than what was actually prescribed or intended to be prescribed. The method of administering a drug may also end up being involved in an error. For example, some drugs should be given intravenously but may be erroneously given in another format. In some cases, the way that a drug is administered to a patient may affect how it works.

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