How to avoid slipping and falling on the ice

If snow is allowed to accumulate it can eventually turn to ice and become slippery. This can make navigating sidewalks and parking lots this time of year dangerous.

Slipping and falling on the ice that builds up between and around sidewalks and parking lots can be frightening and can lead to injury. Broken bones, cuts, bruises, concussions, and other issues are all more common in the winter months because it can be hard to see that patch of ice in time to avoid it. Once you start to slip or slide, you may not be able to catch yourself.

Avoiding Slip and Falls

There are things you can do to try to avoid slipping and falling on a patch of ice. In Germany, people are being advised by trauma surgeons to walk like penguins, with their torso forward and their weight more toward their front leg. That can help keep you more stable, so you reduce your risk of falling when you must walk on ice or snow. Other ways to stay protected are to use a cane or other device for balance if you’re unsteady, or to take someone’s arm while you’re walking. Wearing shoes that don’t slip easily and that have a flat sole help, too, as high heels or any type of slippery shoe can raise your fall risk.

What To Do If You’re Injured

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may have legal recourse. You should first seek medical attention because it’s very important to have your injuries treated. Once you’ve done that, however, you’ll want to talk with an attorney about any options you might have for compensation. If a business failed to make their walkways as safe as reasonably possible, and they neglected their duty to the public, they could be liable for your injuries. By talking to a professional who can give you good legal advice, you can determine whether to pursue a claim for your injuries.

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