What are Product Liability Laws in Pennsylvania?

People purchase items with the expectation that they will not harm them. However, it is possible for a product to injure someone if it malfunctions. This may be the case if a manufacturer acts negligently and cuts corners during production, thus selling a faulty product. These malfunctions can cause serious injuries that have the potential to impact a person for the rest of their life. When this happens, injured parties often want to seek justice for their suffering under product liability laws. When dealing with these matters, contact an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney for assistance.

What is Product Liability?

Product liability laws are in place so that manufacturers are responsible for the products they put out into the world. They require companies to create things that are safe and not cause a threat to people. Manufacturers that engage in negligent activities can fail to provide consumers with the proper standard of care. Negligence can include any actions that do not follow the usual method of production. When accidents occur as a result of this negligence, manufacturers can be held liable under product liability law. This is sometimes seen in products such as household appliances, children’s toys, motor vehicles, and more. 

Manufacturers are also required to provide warning labels on products that may be dangerous to use. This is so that those who buy it are aware of how to use it correctly and avoid harming themselves. When labels are absent, products can be misused and cause significant injuries. When this happens, manufacturers can also be held liable under product liability law as well.

What Types of Products Can Be Involved?

There are many ways an injury can occur as a result of a defective product. The court generally sees three main types of defect cases. This includes design defects, manufacturer defects, and the failure to warn. When a designer of a product does not consider the consumer’s safety when designing it, this can result in a design defect. On the other hand, manufacturer defects can occur when a manufacturer cuts corners during the production process and creates a defective item. Lastly, failure to warn is when a company fails to provide a warning label on products that have the potential to cause injuries if used incorrectly. 

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