What are the most common car accident injuries?

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While many collisions are fender-benders with minimal damage, it’s necessary to understand that injuries can happen in almost any car accident, no matter how seemingly minor. As such, understanding what injuries you can sustain if involved in an accident is critical. If you have endured injuries in a car crash due to the negligence of another person, you’ll want to keep reading. The following blog explores what you must know about these complex circumstances and how motor vehicle accident attorneys can help you navigate these matters to fight for the justice you deserve.

What injuries are most common following a collision?

Due to the force in which your body is moved when you are struck by another vehicle, head and neck injuries are among the most common injuries. This includes whiplash, which is a neck injury caused by your head moving back at a rapid pace In conjunction, you may also sustain a concussion, which is a form of traumatic brain injury. Essentially, your brain will collide with the side of your skull when your neck moves rapidly, causing injury to the brain.

Additionally, back injuries are incredibly common given the nature of car accidents and because the back and spine are not able to handle heavy or severe impacts. As such, you may find that you can suffer several painful and debilitating injuries that impact your quality of life and ability to work, such as herniated discs, lumbar vertebrae fractures, or degenerative spinal disorders.

Many are unaware of the chest injuries that car accident victims can sustain. When someone is struck with considerable force or crushed during a collision, they can sustain bruised or broken ribs. In severe instances, a broken rib can puncture their lungs, making the situation emergent. Additionally, the stress of being in a car accident can cause some to suffer a heart attack.

What should I do after sustaining car accident injuries?

If you are involved in a car accident and sustain injuries, it’s imperative to take the necessary steps. Generally, the first thing you should do is contact emergency services to request medical attention. This is critical even if you feel okay, as the adrenaline may be masking any injuries or pain you’ve endured.

Receiving medical treatment at the scene is critical, as the EMTs will be able to assess and care for injuries while determining if further care is required, helping you stay healthy. However, it’s also critical as it establishes medical care. Essentially, this means if you wish to file a lawsuit against the negligent party at a later date, they cannot claim your injuries were not severe enough to warrant immediate medical attention.

If you wish to pursue a claim against the party responsible for the injuries you’ve sustained, understanding how to do so is critical. As such, it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced personal injury attorney from Friedman Schuman. Our dedicated legal team understands the severity of these matters, and we will do everything possible to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Connect with us today to discuss the circumstances of your case to learn how we can fight for you.

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