Can passengers hurt in car accidents sue in Pennsylvania?

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Whether you and a friend are taking a road trip or in an Uber on the way to a fun event, the unthinkable can happen. If you are involved in an accident as a passenger, it can be overwhelming, as you have no control over the vehicle. As such, understanding whether or not passengers can seek compensation for the injuries they’ve sustained is critical. It’s essential to keep reading as you’ll discover the answers to the most common questions surrounding these circumstances while learning how motor vehicle accident attorneys can help you seek justice.

What kind of injuries can passengers endure?

If you are a passenger in a vehicle, it’s critical to understand that you can endure intense injuries from the collision. Unfortunately, the severity of the injuries will depend on several factors, including where the vehicle was struck, the size of the cars involved, and the speed at which they were traveling. For example, if you are traveling in a large truck that is rear-ended by a small sedan traveling at a slower speed, the injuries will likely be less severe than if you were T-boned on the passenger side by a large vehicle traveling at a higher speed.

However, passengers can generally endure the following injuries:

  • Bone fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and spinal cord damage
  • Internal organ injury
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Disfigurement
  • Torn ligaments
  • Limb loss
  • Death

What should I do if I’m hurt?

If injured as the passenger of a vehicle struck by a negligent driver or in an accident caused by the driver of the car you were in, understanding the steps you must take to ensure you can receive compensation is critical.

The first thing you must do is to seek medical attention for the injuries. Even if they do not appear severe, it’s in your best interest to seek medical attention. If you do not, your injuries can worsen, and the defendant can claim you do not deserve compensation since you did not seek medical treatment.

You should also gather as much information as possible, including taking photos of the accident scene, if possible, and  where you were seated in the vehicle. Additionally, you should obtain a copy of the police report, as this will contain the contact information of those involved in the collision.

How can an attorney help me?

When you wish to seek compensation for the injuries you’ve endured, ensuring you connect with a lawyer is essential. Unfortunately, trying to pursue damages on your own can be difficult, as you may find that you’re unsure how to file the correct documents or effectively negotiate with the insurance company of the negligent driver. As such, you can lose out on the compensation you deserve.

As such, the team at Friedman Schuman is ready to assist you through these challenging times. We understand the complexities of this matter and will do everything we can to help you recover the damages you deserve when you endure life-altering injuries because of a negligent driver. Reach out to our office today to discuss your circumstances with a member of our team.

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