How can I prove distracted driving caused my accident in Pennsylvania?

man texting while driving

Whether checking a phone or daydreaming, a distracted driving accident can be incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, many drivers underestimate the risk before engaging in these behaviors, leaving diligent drivers to suffer for the actions of others. If injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, understanding the steps you need to take to help prove they weren’t paying attention is critical. This can be tricky, so connecting with experienced car accident attorneys to guide you through this process is invaluable. The following blog explores what you must know about these circumstances.

How can distracted driving cause an accident?

When a driver isn’t focused on the road, they effectively relinquish their vehicle’s control. Generally, there are three forms of distracted driving – visual, cognitive, and manual. Any time you take your eyes off the road constitutes a visual distraction, while cognitive occurs when you’re not actively thinking about driving. Manual distractions occur when you take your hands off the steering wheel.

Any of these distractions can lead to an accident, as drivers must maintain control over the vehicle, keep their eyes on the road ahead, and stay alert. Failure to do so can cause a collision.

When drivers remove their hands from the wheel, they do not have the same reaction time to avoid hazards or stop the car from veering off the road. Additionally, when someone is not paying attention to the road, they may not register break lights, stop signs, or other indications they must bring the vehicle to a stop, leading to a collision. The same applies in the event someone takes their eyes off the road.

Is it possible to prove the other driver wasn’t paying attention?

Proving that a driver was distracted may be easier said than done, but it is possible. Generally, the other driver will likely dispute the idea they were responsible for the accident and will not admit they were distracted to avoid facing responsibility for their actions.

As such, taking the necessary steps can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. One thing you’ll need to do is take photos and videos of the accident scene, as this can help capture the circumstances of the collision. For example, you may find personal care products strewn about the vehicle, indicating the driver was focused on hygiene rather than driving. Be sure to capture this.

Additionally, you may have dashboard camera footage showing the driver was on their phone or eating at the time of the accident. If you do not have footage, witnesses may speak to the fact they say the driver was distracted. Similarly, you may be able to find phone activity through their social media or phone records, which an attorney can help recover.

It’s imperative to connect with an experienced attorney if you were injured by a driver you have reason to believe was distracted at the time of your collision. At Friedman Schuman, our dedicated team will do everything possible to assist you during these challenging times. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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