If I slip and fall in a Pennsylvania hospital, can I sue?

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Going to the hospital is often an anxiety-inducing experience, as it often means you or your loved one are sick or injured. However, the last thing you may expect is to slip and fall in the healthcare facility. Unfortunately, these occurrences happen, but many are unfamiliar with how to proceed and why they need slip and fall attorneys to help represent them. Keep reading to learn how these accidents happen, the injuries you can sustain, and whether or not anyone can face legal action for the damages endured.

How can a slip and fall happen in a hospital?

Though many hospitals must maintain safe conditions due to the nature of the environment, there are several ways in which someone can slip and fall in a hospital. However, one of the primary causes is due to wet floors. Because it’s necessary to keep these locations clean and free of germs and bacteria, floors are often mopped. However, water on the ground can lead those walking by to slip and fall if they are not warned of the slippery surface.

Additionally, these accidents can happen because of other unsafe conditions on the ground. This includes missing handrails on stairs, loose tiles or carpeting, or wires left on the ground. Similarly, if parking lots and walkways on the property are not maintained, guests and patients can suffer injuries. Broken slabs, potholes, and uncleared snow and ice can cause visitors to sustain injuries.

Who can face liability for damages?

Generally, the hospital will face liability for any injuries that result due to unsafe conditions on their property. This is because the entity has a responsibility to ensure guests and patients are safe while walking on the premises. Failure to remedy hazards or to train staff on how to assess and respond to risks can leave the hospital negligent. For example, if there is a spill in a busy hallway, staff members need to identify the risk and place a warning, like a wet floor sign, there until it can be remedied.

If you sustain an injury, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to document the conditions and hazards that lead to the slip and fall. Taking photos and videos of the hazard is critical to capturing evidence of the issue. Similarly, you should complete an incident report and obtain a copy before leaving the hospital.

Finally, you’ll want to contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. Unfortunately, many are unfamiliar with the fact that they are entitled to compensation for the injuries they sustained. At Friedman Schuman, our dedicated team understands how complex these issues can be, especially when dealing with hospital attorneys. That’s why we’re ready to fight for you. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.

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