Is road rage a common cause of Pennsylvania car accidents?

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When you’re in a rush, you may find that every driver is going slowly or you’re getting stuck at every red light. While this may be frustrating for some, you’ll find that this can cause others to fly into a rage. Unfortunately, being the victim of someone else’s road rage can be incredibly scary, as it can lead to a collision. If you have been injured because of another driver’s short temper, you’ll want to connect with car accident attorneys to explore your legal options and fight for the justice you deserve during these matters.

What is road rage?

When driving, it’s common to become frustrated or annoyed by other drivers. While most people can forget about the incident within seconds, the actions of others can become irate and go into a rage. As such, road rage occurs when you become violently angry due to the driving conditions or other drivers.

When someone experiences road rage, whether they were cut off by another driver or almost struck, they can experience hostile aggression, take risks, and even confront the person face-to-face.

How can this contribute to collisions?

Unfortunately, when a driver is experiencing road rage, they are significantly more likely to be involved in car accidents. This is because they may engage in dangerous behaviors. For example, if someone is angry because the vehicle in front of them is driving slowly, they may “tailgate” or follow too closely to the other car, which can lead to a collision. Additionally, angry drivers may perform unsafe and erratic maneuvers, like driving on the shoulder or passing a double yellow line to pass other drivers. Because they are not adhering to the rules of the road, they can collide with other vehicles.

In some instances, a driver experiencing road rage may even intentionally hit another vehicle or force them off the roadway, which can lead to several injuries.

What should I do if I’m hurt because of another driver’s road rage?

If you are involved in an accident and sustain injuries because of another person’s road rage, it is imperative to navigate these circumstances correctly. Unlike a traditional accident, in which you and the other driver exchange information, it may be unsafe to exit the vehicle or interact with the other driver, as they are likely in a rage. If you are hurt, you should lock your doors and call the police as soon as possible. Inform the operator of the circumstances of your accident, and they can help guide you through the steps to take until the police arrive.

You should also connect with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the injuries you sustain can require medical attention and time off work, meaning you’ll incur medical bills while losing your income. As such, working with an attorney can help you fight for the compensation you deserve for these matters. At Friedman Schuman, our dedicated legal team will work with you to help you through these matters. Connect with us today to learn more.

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