What contributes to a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrians walk along the streets alongside motor vehicles to get to where they need to go. Just as cars do, pedestrians need to be aware of the flow of traffic. They must cross the road only when it is safe and they are summoned to do so by a streetlight. Drivers must also be aware of the presence of pedestrians. Although pedestrians are supposed to remain in a crosswalk, a driver should remain aware of their surroundings. When big groups of people are crossing the road, drivers may lose sight of one and begin to drive, causing injury to the pedestrian. Accidents can happen due to a variety of reasons. Drivers can become distracted when operating their vehicles. They could be using their cell phones when the accident occurs or be distracted in any other way that has led to them taking their eyes off of the road. Any type of distraction for even a second could cause bad consequences. If an individual has driven in a negligent manner, you can recover damages for your injuries and the accident that occurred.

Sometimes drivers are not totally to blame for these accidents. Road conditions can lead the driver straight into an accident if the roads are not taken care of properly. When roads are filled with potholes, drivers often swerve to avoid them or hit the pothole and lose control of the vehicle. This can lead to the vehicle making contact with a pedestrian. Other conditions that may lead to an accident involving a pedestrian include debris and spills, uneven surfaces, sidewalk closures and weather conditions. While weather conditions are out of our control, they can lead to disastrous consequences. The driver’s visibility could have been interrupted by another vehicle, lack of lighting or physical hazards that blocked their view.

How do I continue with a case?

When the driver is held responsible for the accident, you can receive compensation in the form of damages. The driver’s negligence can show that they are responsible for the accident that occurred. If damages are collected, it can provide money for medical bills and lost wages. You may also receive a monetary value for your pain and suffering relating to emotional trauma from the accident and its impact on your future quality of life.

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