Why do I need to get a store incident report after an accident?

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When running errands or window shopping with friends, the last thing you expect is to end up on a stretcher, being wheeled out of your favorite store. However, accidents in retail locations do, unfortunately, happen. As such, ensuring you take the necessary steps to protect yourself is vital. This includes filling out a store incident report. If you’re unsure how to detail the accident correctly, you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll learn why this document is essential and how personal injury attorneys can help you recover the compensation you’re entitled to following a store’s negligence.

What are common retail accidents?

There are a number of common retail store accidents that can impact shoppers.

The most common are slips and falls caused by a number of hazards. The most common falls are caused by unmarked wet spots on the floor, whether they’re from an employee cleaning or a leaky pipe, you can slip as a result. However, you may also trip on merchandise left on the floor or cords left on the floor without being taped down.  Injuries from this accident include broken bones, contusions, head injuries, sprains, and tendon tears.

Another typical incident in retail locations includes shoppers being struck by objects. This often happens because fixtures like mirrors, lighting, or shelving are not properly secured, which means they can become loose and hit those passing by. Similarly, if merchandise isn’t stocked properly it can fall and hit those walking by. Like slips and falls, head injuries and contusions are common, but these can also lead to lacerations and neck injuries.

What is a store incident report, and why do I need one?

A store incident report is a document that the owner or manager on duty of that location must have you complete following an accident in a store in which you are injured. Much like a police report following a car crash, a store incident report allows you to detail how the accident happened.

When filling out your incident report, it’s important to clearly illustrate how the store’s negligence contributed to the injuries you endured. Avoid taking accountability for the accident in any way, as this can impede your ability to receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Before you leave the store, it’s imperative that you receive a copy of the report. Unfortunately, there have been instances where management changes the details in the report to make it seem as though the accident was not caused by the negligence of the store and its employees. As such, receiving a copy of the report is vital. If they do not let you take a copy, take a photo of the document.

If you’re looking to pursue compensation for the injuries you endured at the hands of a negligent store, Friedman Schuman can help. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case with a member of our dedicated legal team.

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