Attorneys Robert Nemeroff, Derek Layser and Brett Kaminsky Sue Pennsylvania Hospital Over Violent Attack of Physician

Friedman Schuman attorneys Robert Nemeroff, Derek Layser and Brett Kaminsky, recently filed a lawsuit in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of a physician at Pennsylvania Hospital who was stabbed in the head, face and body by a patient with a metal kitchen knife and ballpoint pen.

According to the lawsuit, the Hospital, and its security personnel failed to adequately protect the safety and well-being of the physician, leading to the attack. The Complaint alleges that the Hospital and its in-house security team lacked proper safety protocols, procedures and training sufficient to prevent or even help mitigate the attack. This suit was not the first suit filed against the Hospital of late, there was a similar suit involving a violent attack on a nurse in 2020 by a patient.

The case was picked up by multiple news sources, including the Philadelphia Inquirer: A doctor repeatedly stabbed by a patient has sued Pennsylvania Hospital, alleging ‘abject disregard’ for safety.

The case endeavors to shine a light on the ongoing epidemic of patient-on-physician violence which has been largely unreported and unrecognized due to a culture of silence.
If you or someone you know has been a victim of an attack, or would like further information about how you can protect your rights in response to an attack, please contact Brett Kaminsky, Esq. at or (610-635-7200).