What are some common slip and fall accidents?

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents happen all the time. Rarely does anyone fear that simply going to the store or to a friend’s house will result in a serious injury. After being seriously injured in a slip and fall accident, one may be subject to expensive medical bills, lost wages, and other burdens that are both financial and non-financial in nature. If you find yourself involved in a serious accident, you may want to consider bringing a personal injury accident against the party that caused you to become injured.

If you do decide to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party, you will have to prove that the property owner was negligent. The burden of proof can be difficult to fulfill without the help of an experienced attorney. If you have been injured in an accident in a public place such as in a retail store or a parking garage, you may be able to obtain surveillance footage that shows exactly how your accident happened. If the accident was due to unattended snow or ice, you may be able to refer back to weather reports from the date your accident occurred.

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, no matter how mundane or seemingly safe that place may be. The most important thing you can do for yourself after being injured in a slip and fall accident is contact an attorney. Property owners have the responsibility of maintaining a safe property and if they fail to do so, they should be held liable. If you need an experienced personal injury attorney, contact our firm today.

If you need the services of an experienced Montgomery County personal injury attorney, please contact Friedman Schuman today to schedule a consultation today.

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