How can my loved one be harmed in a nursing home?

As we continue to grow older, our parents and grandparents grow older as well. When it comes time to take care of our children, we may not be able to care for both our children and our parents. Instead of taking on more than you can handle, it may be a good idea to consider a nursing home as an assisted living facility. This can help your loved ones maintain a healthy lifestyle while ensuring they are safe since they will not be alone.

Although some people may talk highly about nursing homes, other people have had bad experiences. However, there are laws in place to protect individuals that are in the care of a nursing home. Through the Nursing Home Reform Act, the federal government passed a minimum set of guidelines that each facility must abide by. This act was set to protect the quality of life for elders placed into the care of a nursing home’s staff. Certain procedures are outlined to ensure that elders are being treated properly and with the respect they deserve.

Through this act, there are required services that nursing homes must provide to their clients. This includes periodic assessments for each client and a care plan for each individual. It also requires nursing, dietary, social, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation services. All of these guidelines protect the rights of your family members that may be living in one of these homes.

Unfortunately, abuse and negligence can still be an issue within nursing homes. Some common forms of abuse include physical abuse through hitting, bed sores or ulcers from neglect, sexual assault and more. If you believe your family member has been harmed in a nursing home, consult an attorney for legal advice. Your loved one has rights that nursing homes cannot deny them. The nursing home staff may be held responsible for what happened to your loved one under their care.

Those individuals that are living in nursing homes should be given a detail explanation of what to expect upon their residency in a nursing home. Residents in a nursing home should be informed of their rights before habitation. They should be informed of all services and fees in writing before entering the home. Residents have a right to their own privacy. This includes keeping personal belongings. When being medicated, they should be informed of their condition and any medications they are being prescribed. They should be informed in order to decide if they want to decline any treatment, which they have the right to do.

There are many rights that nursing home residents possess that can help them stay safe and content. If you suspect that abuse has occurred, an attorney can help prove your case.

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