Pool safety this Fourth of July | What to know

It is important to recognize the dangers and risks involved with having people at your pool this Fourth of July. Read on and give our firm a call if you have additional questions regarding pool safety, or if you have been injured as a result of a negligent pool owner. Our skilled slip and fall attorneys are on your side.

What pool precautions should be taken this Fourth of July?

Recognize that a pool can be dangerous if it is not watched properly or used safely. As a result, the pool owner has a responsibility to make sure they are in harmony with pool safety. There are certain precautions pool owners can take to make sure they are preventing any accidents and injuries:

  • Swim sober
  • Never leave a child alone in the water or near it
  • If the pool is deep and guests cannot stand, make sure that they are able to swim
  • Stay away from drains and ensure pools have drain covers
  • Install proper barriers, covers, alarms, and fencing on and around your pool
  • Stow away any portable ladders to the pool when it is not being used. Oftentimes, small children who cannot swim are drawn to pools. If the ladder is removed safely, it can prevent the child from climbing into the pool and injuring themselves.
  • It can be helpful to know how to execute CPR in the event that someone is drowning
  • Do not allow electronic devices near the poor to avoid electrocution
  • Advise swimmers of shallow areas where they cannot dive

Can I recover compensation if I was injured in a pool accident?

If a person is injured in a swimming pool accident as a result of negligence, they can hold the pool owner liable through a personal injury lawsuit. During this process, they are instructed to prove negligence by fulfilling the burden of proof. This can be done by collecting evidence that demonstrates the accident and the injuries sustained happened as a direct result of the owner’s negligent behavior. Evidence for a case can include photos or videos of the pool, medical documentation of any injuries, and any witnesses to the accident. Unfortunately, not all pool owners take these precautions into consideration. If they fail to ensure the safety of others, others can become hurt or even die as a result. If this occurs, a negligent pool owner can be held liable for their conduct. If the owner is found negligent, they may owe compensation to the injured party for any damages they sustained as a result of the incident. It is important to know that the injured party must prove negligence in order to obtain this compensation.


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