We all have a lot on our minds as we come to grips with the indefinite change in lifestyle forced upon us by the spread of the Coronavirus. While we must abide by the governmental edicts requiring us to stay home in an effort to harness the spread of the virus, the longer we remain in our homes on a daily basis, the more enticing our motor vehicles become as a means of escape from our days of confinement.
During this time of crisis, your vehicle must be insured even if you are going to use it only periodically. Your vehicle’s insurance policy contains a very important component – medical expense payment coverage – which is required under PA law. If you are injured in an accident and require medical treatment, your medical bills will be paid by your vehicle’s insurance company. In fact, your medical bills must be submitted to that insurance company until such time as the limit you selected for your medical expense coverage is exhausted. If, at that point, your medical treatment is ongoing and you have separate health insurance, you may then submit your remaining medical bills to your health insurance company.
It is important to remember that regardless of who was at fault for causing the accident, your vehicle’s insurance company initially pays your medical bills. While you enjoy the sense of freedom which comes with a leisurely ride, take comfort in knowing that if you are in an accident, you have medical expense insurance as long as your vehicle is insured.

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