What are the benefits of having an attorney write my will?

As you can infer, preparing a comprehensive estate plan is a critical part of ensuring that all of your assets will be passed down to your loved ones as you would have wished. While it is true that there are hundreds of free will-writing kits both online and otherwise, they all pretend to make life easier and help you save money. Our firm acknowledges that nobody wants to have to schedule an appointment with an attorney and plan out their will, however, the reality is, anyone who knows anything about estate law will tell you that deciding to go it alone is one of the worst decisions anyone can make. Read on and reach out to our experienced PA wills, trusts & estates attorneys to learn more about wills, how we can help you write one, and why you should not create yours by yourself. Below are some questions you may have:

Why should I have an attorney write my will?

Even though it is possible to draft your will without the help of an attorney, as there are several kits that will help you do so, the reality is, that there are countless horror stories concerning those who decided to write their wills alone, either with the aid of a Youtuber, a blogger or otherwise. As a result of this, unless you have very few assets and very few family members, drafting a will on your own is definitely not the best option. If you draft your will alone, you are setting yourself up for a number of possible legal obstacles. This is because even the slightest error in your will can negatively impact your estate plan. In the event that this occurs, the amount of time and money your family will have to spend fixing your will proves to be nothing compared to the fee you would have to pay an attorney from the very beginning. If you have questions or concerns about the advantages of having an attorney draft your will, or you are facing issues with your current will, do not wait to reach out to our firm today to discuss the facts of your situation and possible solutions.

What should I put in my will?

A comprehensive estate plan extends way beyond writing your will, even though it is a very significant document. To have an estate plan that really satisfies you and your family’s needs, you should think about employing an attorney who can help you establish guardianships, trusts, powers of attorney, and more. Our firm has helped countless people to achieve peace of mind by helping them create complete estate plans for years. We are just one call away.


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